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LibreDoc walkthrough – The magic of building

LibreDoc walkthrough is a set of articles dedicated to the discovery of our user interface and the key concepts behind it. This third video highlights the key innovation developed within LibreDoc©: the automatic layout produced by our a.i. engine. The author focuses on her intention. LibreDoc© engine takes all the formatting decisions. While entering content is easy, […]

Eco in the DOM

Eco in the DOM Outlining intention   “The solution would be to represent an ‘ideal’ text as a system of nodes or joints and to establish at  which of them the co-operation of the Model Reader is  expected and elicited” Umberto Eco, The Role of the Reader 1984 In his theory of textual co-operation, Umberto Eco gives the collaboration between a writer and a […]

Dynamic Publishing Industry

Dynamic Publishing Industry The self-editing challenge Digital publication How to address the challenges and make the most of the opportunities of today’s dynamic publishing ecosystem? That’s the question put by the International Digital Publishing Forum (idpf) : Transforming Institutional Publishing: Sharing Best Practices (29 June 2015) Digital publishing ecosystem offers many possibilities to disseminate publications […]