LibreDoc walkthrough – The structure of a publication


LibreDoc walkthrough is a set of articles dedicated to the discovery of our user interface and the key concepts behind it.

In this short video, you will have a very first look into our content management platform.

Our main focus is to keep the user interface as simple as possible: all you have to do is to capture the content and the intention, the engine will take in charge the design job.

A publication is divided into multiple sections. A section can be seen as a chapter in a book. Each section can be exported independently and can have a different intention (the credits section does not have the same role as the introductory chapter, for example).

Behind the section is the content. The content does not contain any layout. The intention is marked by the division you operate in the content and by the node structure of these blocks. We’ll see later that you can also tag pieces of content inside a block, and also tag blocks by themselves…